Dj Freeze was born in 1984 in Tallinn. Dj Freeze started to practise music in the 2nd grade when he entered Tallinn Music School, and studied there for 8 years. Since he wasn’t very keen on playing some instrument, he decided to leave the school. Freeze started with dj work in 2003 in the biggest Internet-radio in Estonia at that time, Vill@ Dance Radio, where they managed to gather the record of 80 listeners. Unfortunately the radio was shut down in the summer of 2003 because it didn’t have the copyright. During the next three years Dj Freeze performed in several Estonian Internet-radios (B3, Est chat Web Radio, Club Radio). In 2006 Dj Freeze met Dj Sax who invited him to join the Secret-Valley Dj Team, which introduced him a new and interesting music style called hardcore, and with them they made the first Estonian biggest hardcore-gabber events series Hello Darkness, which rapidly became famous all over Estonia and still is one of the biggest hardcore parties in Estonia. In 2007 Dj Freeze met Dj Mental,who invited him to perform in his event series Küte. In the same year Freeze got acquainted with The Baltic Storm Dj Team. In cooperation with Dj Team they started a radio programme Hardcore Till I Die in the biggest Internet-radio in the Baltic’s – Nu era Radio. Dj Freeze has also Released more than 30 very popular mega mixes. At the moment Dj Freeze plays music styles like club mainstream, hands up and hardcore. Dj Freeze has preformed with artists and djs like: Demented lunatic,Dj Mental,Sasha F,koljat,Barinbug,Rait P,Dj S.A.M,Dj Sax,Lizard,mouser,Dj Humanoid etc


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