Dj Freeze- For The Hardcore Love Mix

2.Ruffneck & Nosferatu-Soul Shock
3.Weapon X-Where My Party People At
4.Headbanger-Severed Heads
5.Drokz, Tafkat & Mr Courage-My Friend (For All Our Friends
6.Ophidian-Lost In The Forest (Original Mix)
7.Tymon vs Negative A-Extrasensory Perception
8.Jimmy X feat Mic Micc-Throw Your Hands Up
9.korsakoff-words from the gang (korsakoff remix)
10.Triax-Start The Show
11.DJ D Feat. DJ Piwi-Destiny
12.DJ Mad Dog-Here Comes the Madness
13.Imperia Ft. Irma-Hardcore (It’s Me)
14.Tha Playah & Tommyknocker-The Easy Way
15.Tha Playah-Why So Serious?
16.Accelarator-Here to Stay
17.Alien T-Bullets in Their Heads
18.Dyprax-Blast Them Out
19.Angerfist & Outblast Ft. Crucifier-Triple Vision (Live at Moh 2010)
20.Tieum And Ophidian-Black Sun
21.Outblast & Angerfist Ft. Tha Watcher-The Voice of Mayhem
22.Neophyte Records All Stars-Adrenaline
23.Outblast & Angerfist-Delusion
24.SRB-Can’t Stop The Spirits (Dione remix)