Kyte 5 – 04.07.2008 @Centralpoint Club

BIO: Kes ei teaks siis Mouserit? =) Ta on 14 AASTAT tegelenud eesti hardcore maastikul, ta kuulub Terrorwave´i . ta on 14 aasta vältel mänginud nii keldri speedcore kui suurtel tehaste  rave’idel


Music interested him already in year 1993, when he was only 13, and it was the time when he got his first Thunderdome collections. From there the interest to make music had evovled. But hardcore wasn’t the only musical style that interested him, through years practically all styles of electronic music added to it. In year 1996 were already tried the frist music producing programs like Sound Club and Fast Tracker.
After a certain pause, he realized that in Estonia more people appeared, who enjoyed the harder electronic music, and so he started to add some fire to the Estonian hardcore life. The first party was K[te, in year 2006. After a few succesful events the youth became more interested in hardcore and also some harder drum n’ bass. In year 2007 the first Hard Knocks of Drum and Bass was organized, which is now one of the best Drum n’ Bass events.


Priit Lume, known as DJ Conflict in the drum’n’bass community, discovered underground dance music in the middle of the 1990’s thanks to a legendary radio show on Radio 2 hosted by Raul Saaremets and Dr. Koit. Although his favorite playlists consisted mostly of hip-hop, breakbeat and hardcore tunes, drumnbass started to draw more and more of his attention after hearing a track called Ready Or Not remix. In the end of 1997 Conflict experienced his first rave. The way the magic and music was being created out of the grooves of vinyl left him with an unforgettable impression, and has fascinated him ever since. Less then a year after his first rave experience, Conflict began buying and spinning vinyls. This led him to his first performance as a DJ in Kuusalu at Haku Club. His mixes consist of hard-driving beats and deep sounds, that all come together with his perfect mixing skills, making Conflict without a doubt the lord of the Estonian dark drum’n’bass scene. When you hear his dark amen filled set you can easily see he is influenced by The Panacea, Evol Intent, Kemal & Rob Data, Technical Itch, Limewax and Noisia. After a year of Djing, he started experimenting in producing music, through his creativity he gave birth to the project, Twin Warriors. You can find an example of his creation in an Estonian drum’n’bass collection called Dynamu Bass, in the track Phibbs & Conflict – Cannon Fodder. Many of Conflicts unreleased tracks are still being played all over the world by several noted drumnbass DJs. In 2001 Conflict and Kaida started one of the biggest drum’n’bass event series in Estonia – The Lightning. Those seven events introduced the Estonian ravers top drum’n’bass dj’s from all over the world: Andy C, Kemal + Rob Data, Dom & Roland, Panacea, Concord Dawn, Nicky Blackmarket, Trace and many more. In 2004 – 2005 he also hosted a drum’n’bass show called Showdown on Energy FM that soon became the most popular show on that radio station. As one of the best drum’n’bass DJs, he has performed on the same stage with many of his idols in numerous places all over Estonia and the Baltic States


Hailed as the Ambassador of the East BLock for Ohm Resistance Recordings, DJ Kain has played from Bangkok & Hong Kong to the grimies abandoned factories across Eastern Europe/
His musical journey began back in ’97 at the age of 14 and over the years took him from hardcore/gabber to techno/trance, downtempo & trip hop till in 2000 he found his way back to drum and bass.
He was blown away, listening to the raw energy in the soundscapes by the likes of Konflick, )E|3(, Cause 4 Concern, etc. Needless to say, he was instantly hooked.
In 2003, just after a couple months of praticing, Kain started playing out at various clubs and factories across the Baltics, as well as co-hosting a weekly radio show Event Horizon on Energy FM.
In 2004 he joined forces with DJ Submerged (NYC, USA) in the studio and on the road.
In 2005 the duo teamed up for the second, highly succesful East Block Tour. After laying low for the next few years while finishing his studies, Kain is back with a vengeance.
He has shared the stage with some of the most esteemed names in dnb, including Dylan, Robyn Chaos, Tech Itch, Submerged, Raiden, DJ Hidden, Noisia, Sunchase, Pendulum, Crossfire, Black Sun Empire, Spor, Vicious Circle, Marcus Intalex, Goldie, Doc Scott, Masheen, among others.
Hit sets are not for the weak hearted, combining an energetic vibe of the deepest and hardest hitting tracks.
Most influential artists include: Amit, Black Sun Empire, Cause 4 Concern, Counterstrike, Fission, Propaganda, Proket, Raiden, The Sect, The Panacea, Universal Project, Vector Burn.


FREEZE – Secret-Valley
Dj Freeze was born in 1984 in Tallinn. Dj Freeze started to practise music in the 2nd grade when he entered Tallinn Music School, and studied there for 8 years. Since he wasn’t very keen on playing some instrument, he decided to leave the school. Freeze started with dj work in 2003 in the biggest Internet-radio in Estonia at that time, Vill@ Dance Radio, where they managed to gather the record of 80 listeners. Unfortunately the radio was shut down in the summer of 2003 because it didn’t have the copyright. During the next three years Dj Freeze performed in several Estonian Internet-radios (B3, Est chat Web Radio, Club Radio). In 2006 Dj Freeze met Dj Sax who invited him to join the Secret-Valley Dj Team, which introduced him a new and interesting music style called hardcore, and with them they made the first Estonian biggest hardcore-gabber events series Hello Darkness, which rapidly became famous all over Estonia and still is one of the biggest hardcore parties in Estonia. In 2007 Dj Freeze met Dj Mental,who invited him to perform in his event series Küte. In the same year Freeze got acquainted with The Baltic Storm Dj Team. In cooperation with Dj Team they started a radio programme Hardcore Till I Die in the biggest Internet-radio in the Baltic’s – Nu era Radio. Dj Freeze has also Released more than 30 very popular mega mixes. At the moment Dj Freeze plays music styles like club mainstream, hands up and hardcore. Dj Freeze has preformed with artists and djs like: Demented lunatic,Dj Mental,Sasha F,koljat,Barinbug,Rait P,Dj S.A.M,Dj Sax,Lizard,mouser,Dj Humanoid etc


She is Estonia’s first hardcore lady. Young, talented, pretty and very fucked up in the head. Her sets can mash up the sound of harsh industrial, speedy noiseful hardcore and psytrance with insane guitar riffs.
Ever since the introduction to rave scene and electronic music, it has won her heart. Rhytmic noise, industrial and most of all hardcore were musicstyles for which she was born. She wanted to write, to play such music because it .. simply was so energetic, emotion-driven (anger, hate, agressive behaviour…)
Speakerqueen is a real fan of agressive and energetical music, which is seen in her sets. Only the fastest, the most memorable tracks, and all compiled into a whole musical story of her own.
She is currently a DJ from the largest and oldest rave communities in Estonia: Past experience includes the oldest goth event Beats From the Vault, a newer cyber event: Dark Rave, hardcore parties from, ebm/industrial party from Moscow: Synthdrom, psytrance events from the oldest psy-community in Estonia, LSD, and many others.
All in all, her performance is mind-breaking, it can either make is throw out from the irate amount of energy she can put into it, or either flush your brains into the toilet if she goes with psytrance.

Time Table:

22:00-23:00 Mental&Speakerqueen b2b 
23:00-00:30 Kain
00:30-02:00 Mouser
02:00-03:30 Mental
03:30-05:00 Freeze
05:00-……… Conflict